What is

What is this Hippie Nonsense?!

Ok, I know it sounds a little bit fluffy or strange and you probably have visions of stage hypnosis like the things you have seen on TV. But hypnobirthing is actually based on a foundation of human biology and psychology.
The basic principles work on the theory of Dr Grantly Dick-Read. Over 60 years ago he made the connection between fear in the mind, tension in the body and pain during labour. He concluded that women who were afraid of childbirth automatically became tense during labour and as a result had a more difficult and painful birth.
Birth can be easier and more comfortable if you can mentally prepare yourself and allow your body to be in a state of deep relaxation.
Our bodies also produce amazing hormones to help us during labour, but these only work effectively if you are calm and relaxed.
Hypnobirthing teaches simple and specific self-hypnosis techniques, which allow you to control your emotional reaction to birth and learn how to allow your body to relax – believe it or not this actually takes a lot of practice for some!
Don’t worry, you will be in complete control, able to ignore unnecessary distractions but make decisions when required. Remaining calm but also able to navigate any twists and turns you may face. You will have the tools and knowledge to allow you and your birth partner to make informed decisions about what is best for you and your baby. You will learn how to deal with issues you can control and how to let go of what you can’t.
As you develop your positive mindset you will feel more relaxed during your pregnancy, less stressed and less anxious – benefitting both you and your gorgeous baby!
My courses are a complete birth education program, including all the elements of an in depth antenatal class with added relaxation and breathing techniques.
I won't just teach you the facts of birth I will give you the tools you need to ensure you feel calm, confident and in control of your birth.  
I am here to empower you, support you and allow you and your birth partner to really look forward to your baby’s birth.
Hypnobirthing is not about trying to achieve a pain free, water birth with twinkly lights and plinky plonky music (although your birth might be just like this!) it’s about having confidence and trust in your body and your baby, its about totally bossing pregnancy and birth and its about coming out the other side feeling like a total Warrior Mama!