About Me

Hello lovely, my name is Shona Baxter and I am the founder of Empowered – Hypnobirthing for Warrior Mamas.

I am a mum to one gorgeous little girl and extremely passionate about pregnancy, birth and all things babies!
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​By my own admission I am a control freak and an avid researcher, I like to read up on new purchases, holidays, health and beauty, a new haircut! You get the idea! Everything I do in life usually involves a few hours worth of reading before I dive in.

My pregnancy was certainly going to be no different. I made sure I was clued up on all my appointments, tests and scans, but when it came to birth my only basis of knowledge was a series link of One Born Every Minute!

I heard about Hypnobirthing by chance after reading an article in a magazine. It was described as making women feel in control, strong, and confident about birth. It sounded like just the type of birth preparation I needed. My husband and I took a private intensive course over one weekend and were blown away with the amount we had learnt. Not only did we get a full antenatal course but I was also given the tools I needed to learn how to relax and stay calm during my pregnancy and birth. I was actually excited about birth and learnt that my body and my baby knew exactly what to do when they needed to.

My husband also really enjoyed it. Although skeptical at first, he learnt how he could help and support me during labour and not be a spare part as many of his friends had warned him he would be.

I practiced my breathing and relaxation every night from about 30 weeks. This came in very handy when we decided to sell our house and I was dealing with solicitors and estate agents on a daily basis!

I was told at 37 weeks that my baby hadn’t grown at the rate the doctors would have liked and I was induced the day before our house sale was due to complete. This was certainly not in my birth plan but thanks to my Hypnobirthing course and practice I was able to stay calm during the whole process. My little girl was born in a birth pool at the local birthing centre with the assistance of a TENS machine and gas and air. I was able to talk and laugh during my surges and the first words that came out of my mouth afterwards were ‘ I could do that again’.
I felt so empowered and like an absolute warrior after my labour, and I can confidently say it was the most amazing experience of my life, something I think all pregnant women have the right to feel. You can read my full birth story here .

My experience with Hypnobirthing has inspired me to train as an instructor myself. I truly believe that knowledge is power and I’m determined to help as many women as possible learn how to stay calm and in control no matter what twists and turns their labour takes.​​

I am very proud to teach with The Calm School. I run private and group courses in and around Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Newcaslte. Please contact me for more details.