Hello and Welcome!

First of all congratulations on your pregnancy, I bet you cannot wait to have that little bundle in your arms!

Counting tiny fingers and tiny toes, finally finding out who they look like and how much hair they have, it will be amazing, I promise, and you will love them so much you think your heart might burst.

But first there is just the small matter of birth to deal with.


You’ve seen on TV and films how it’s going to go down, you lying on your back, panting and puffing, screaming and swearing. How on earth are you supposed to prepare for that?!

Well I am here to tell you a secret…birth doesn’t have to be like that!

Birth is not something to be feared, it’s the most natural thing in the entire world, and your body, mind and baby know exactly what to do.
You just need to do a little bit of preparation to ensure these key elements work together and not against each other.

My Hypnobirthing courses are not rain dances and incense sticks (unless you want them to be!) its a no nonsense, informative and enjoyable approach to birth preparation that will make you actually feel excited for your labour.

I offer my Hypnobirthing courses in Northumberland, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear and surrounding areas.

Get in touch now to book. I can’t wait to make you feel calm, confident and empowered about birth.